Removal---Relocation--- Moving Service for Kent Sussex Surrey & South London areas
From You pack we Load Transport and Unload into situ in your new property (No packing service as yet)
To Removal Relocation Moving Assistance with the bulky or heavy items
                                              (some customer assistance with loading and unloading maybe required).
Since 2000 we have impressed and been recommended by clients from Chief Executives to Students,
organisations, Charities, universities and colleges, medium & small businesses to sole proprietors..
Moving Full accommodations or offices to part accommodations or Bulky & Single items to student effects.

We provide a fully insured service via appropriately sized vans with experienced crew to safely move effects

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From multiple vans and operatives for full accommodation moves upto 3 bedroom properties to one man and van for your smaller requirements such as moving a few bulky or single items or offspring into first property or student accommodation

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 Est 2000 we are Celebrating Eleven Years of hard work and successful trading

We also wish to express our extreme gratitude
to our repeat, recommended and new customers

that have made 2011 another successful trading year.


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Helpful Tips
Reduce the stress of moving by being packed ready to go the night before moving day, Yes we all have hectic busy lifestyles but not many people sell on the tuesday and move on the wednesday so significant lead time is available between finding a buyer, completing and the moving day.
Pack the rarely used items first & well ahead of moving day, include ornaments at this stage, aaahhh i hear you say i might want to use what i packed. use smaller boxes with less in and clearly label the outside, less to unpack if you need to get to something also an advantage when unpacking at your new address. Boxes normally stack quite nicely, be it one large box or 6 smaller they take up the same room.
Aim to have just the essentials left by the night before, nought wrong with a take away as a final meal the night before moving and just how many nights will you sit doing nothing watching TV between completion and moving?
Moving accommodations is a very good time to sought and clear out clutter, some of our clients enjoy healthy ebay activatey between placing a property on the market and actually moving, at one address we assisted an ebayer to load a heavy sideboard unit into his van (one less item for us to unload), another client had a much reduced volume of furniture on their moving day and were gleefully anticipating delivery of new at their new address, finnanced some way by ebay sales.
Boxes, manufacturers will hate me for this. You know those long flat veggie/fruit/grocery boxes you find in supermarkets, really good for books, cassettes, DVDs, CDs, the like and more, also they stack nicely. Health and Safety NOTE, at Airports there is a 32kg limit on suitcases to protect loaders limbs, well removal personell are human as well and although we enjoy an excellent keep fit regime assisting our clients, if you cannot lift that box how come you think we can? Two men to carry one box to the van, such an ineffecient applicatation of your removal fee, although acceptable in a few rare cases. Some of our clients utilise space in furniture based storage units. Clothes, why do some clients remove clothes from drawer units and put them into boxes? is the drawer not a box just made out of wood? ooohhhh you do not like the idea of a removal gorilla spying your undies, cover the top with a folded sheet, towel or paper. Plus the draw will be placed back in the unit it came from for transport, thereby freeing up space. Hanging clothes can be placed in black sacks for transport, but be warned those cheap thin ones have a habit of splitting. we are sure your fashion items, towels, duvets, curtains etc are worth that little bit more investment in the heavier duty sacks!!.
Delicate items, bubble wrap costs but there is normally plenty of newspaper around awaiting recycling. crumple the newspaper and wrap around delicate items (and inside hollow items like ornaments vases and glasses) to form a corrugated encasement and place in transport container (box) along with other delicate or very light weight items (heaviest on the bottom). do not pack the box too tightly, the corrugated effect of the crumpled newspaper will act as a shock absorber during transport. Finally MARK FRAGILE ON the outside of the box VERY CLEARLY and ensure the top AND BOTTOM of the box is taped securely. Also where possible mark the name of the room you wish the box to be placed in at your destination address .i.e. living room, dining room, kitchen, study, bedroom1, bed2, loft, gaarage, shed, etc, (this aids unloading) its better to number bedrooms rather than name them.
As you pack your boxes store them in a convenient place, minimally used room, or space(s), somewhere you do not keep tripping over them ( FRAGILE ONES on top!!!) and where on moving day our people can fetch them from ONCE we have loaded the bigger items such as furniture.
Lost count of the number of times we have had to dig our way to the sette and book case units etc after having cleared the hall way to facilitate an exit route.
Finally by packing the kettle, teeabags, coffee, sugar, milk, some cups and teaspoons last and in a seperate box/bag you will avoid the stress of “where did I pack them” when you you desire some refreshment, and although our personnell are quite a sweet bunch, cups of tea and coffee with sugar are a good boost and much appreciated when clients have provided them.
Wether it be with us or another agent may we wish you a smooth stressless moving day

Waiting/Extra Time
becomes encurrable when unforeseen delays occurr, and is chargeable at the hourly rate for the service being provided, at the discretion of our very patient driver.
For Example. Excessively delayed money tranfers.
               Wrong key set supplied by agent
               Furniture/Items too big for stairs and doorways.
               Client delayed on transfer between proprties
(one client travelled to Bristol instead of Bath)(one client forgot about his effects in the loft)
(one client took a four day break returning to an unpacked property the day before move day)
We fully appreciate the stresses and anguishes of our clients when moving, our experience is a quality our clients enjoy, the same experience which allows us to factor time schedules, on the assumption that things are packed ready to go.
Although we are experienced at schedules over running to some degree when the delay is an error by a third party (and chargeable to that party) or outside our remit then that time can become an inconvenience on our personnels life and time then translates into money.